Fee Schedule


ACUPUNCTURE               (includes cupping treatment, if appropriate)

Initial consultation           $100                   1 hr

Return                                    $80                40 min

Express Return                   $65                30 min

Long Return                         $100                   1 hr

CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE CONSULTATION                                              

Initial consultation           $80                 40 min

Return                                    $60                 30 min

CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE (Teas, capsules, pills, liniments etc)

Is an additional cost to the consultation, please contact us if you would like further information.


 Cupping treatment          $50                  30 min 


Includes full Chinese Medicine diagnosis, plus advice & guidance relating to diet & cooking/eating habits   

Initial consultation          $90                      1 hr

Return                                   $60                   30 min



Private Health Insurance

The clinic offers Hicaps claiming facilities which provide you with efficient and easy payment processing for your private health fund claims.  Please refer to your specific health fund for advice regarding your individual level of cover for acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine.